"Making my software auto update itself was never so easy!"   -   You (in 10 minutes)

PADUpdater FREE is a tool to be bundled with your own software, that will upgrade it to the latest version from your web site. It's meant for software developers that need an automatic software update component.  - it is FREEWARE even for commercial use!

Standard flavor

Aqua flavor

Getting Started

All you need to do really, is download PADUpdater.exe, and put it in your software folder, along with your PAD.XML file.
That's it!

Features and Benefits

  • No configuration needed. All settings are read from the PAD file
  • Easy integration, Just copy and execute
  • Single EXE file, No need for any DLL or .NET
  • Can run from shortcut or from your application
  • Portable
  • Doesn't change registry
  • Your application remains secure from internet DLL imports and firewall alerts
  • Multi language (with language auto detection)
  • Small (only ~1MB)
  • No ads or spyware
  • it's FREE even for commercial use!

How it works

After you have copied PADUpdater.exe and your PAD.XML to the same folder as the software you want it to update, then when PADUpdater is launched, the following steps occur:
  1. PADUpdater reads the PAD.XML file, to get the URL of your remote PAD file from the <Application_XML_File_URL> field.
  2. It downloads the remote PAD file from your website (on the address taken from step 1)
  3. It compares the version numbers in the remote and local PAD files, if the remote is different, it asks the user if he wants to upgrade / downgrade to that version.
  4. if the user agrees, it will download the file mentioned in the remote PAD file (usually an installer exe file)
  5. it will run the installer. It is up to the installer to correctly update the software, including closing any running instances of the program.


Can I distribute it with my commercial software?

Yes. PADUpdater FREE can be distributed and bundled in any way, totally free. see License for full details.

How can I tell PADUpdater where to download my files from?

You don't need to, it takes all settings from the PAD.XML file.
Just make sure your PAD file has these fields filled: Application_XML_File_URL and Primary_Download_URL

How do i make my software use PADUpdater to update?

Simply execute PADUpdater.exe from your application (for example when the user clicks your "Check for updates" button)

Can i do automatic update check?

Yes, Just execute "PADUpdater.exe /HIDE" each time your application starts. The user will be prompted only if a new version exists.

Can my software control the PADUpdater window?

Yes, you can download the PADUpdater SDK for that.

What is a PAD file?

A PAD file is a text file in XML format that software developers use for distributing their software.

How do i create a PAD file?

Use a free utility like PADGen to create one easily, or even Notepad if you like.

Is it safe and free from Ads and Spyware?

PADUpdater is %100 free from spyware and adware. It only communicates with the website YOU specify in the PAD.XML file.

Can i change text or background image?

There are 2 flavors of PADUpdater FREE, each with a different background. To be able to change to any image, text, as well as fonts, colors and sizes, you may want to buy PADUpdater Pro Customizer (which will also show you support PADUpdater!).

Can you make it open source?

PADUpdater source code can be purchased, as we feel the "purchasable source" approach provides the best of all GPL/MIT and commercial licensing: You can get the source code and feel secure you have %100 control of the product you use, and on the other hand, the maker gets compensation for the hard work and time invested in the product.


Free for commercial and non-commercial use. See License Agreement for further details (PUFLicense.txt).


Download PADUpdater FREE kit, which includes 2 flavors of PADUpdater FREE (Standard and Aqua), Documentation, and the PADUpdater SDK.
 PADUpdater FREE version 2.018 (full kit)

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