What it does

Customizer is a tool that creates custom versions of PADUpdater (a software updater). You can set any image as the background of PADUpdater, Choose different fonts and colors for each of the text areas, modify texts, edit and add languages, and completely tailor its look to fit seamlessly with your application. 

Getting Started

When you run Customizer, you will see a screen with settings, allowing you to choose how the resulting PADUpdater will look like. Then click the "Generate" button, and it generates a small application file called "PADUpdater.exe"  that can be bundled with your own software (along with your PAD.XML file).
For more detail see the PADUpdater Customizer Manual.

Features and Benefits of the generated updater

  • Remove the "Made with PADUpdater FREE" footer
  • Set any text on footer, header, info and buttons
  • Includes over 10 professional PADUpdater themes
  • Make your own themes
  • Customize background, fonts and colors to match the look of your application
  • Change window size (according to background image)
  • Select the default language
  • Select window border: Normal, Thin, or None at all
  • Edit and add languages


The generated application file called "PADUpdater.exe" can be bundled with your own software. The Customizer can be used on your computer only. For the full license terms please see the Software License Agreement.

Buy and Download

You can buy Customizer form the link below. Your purchase will also show your support for PADUpdater!
After purchase you will receive a download link, and your license key. Your license owner name will be the company or personal name you enter during purchase).  Before buying, please use the freeware PADUpdater FREE to make sure you are satisfied with the product.

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